About Us

Founded in April of 2020 by motivated high school students, the Children's Addiction Prevention Association (CAPA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing drug abuse among teenagers. By educating the younger population of the dangers of recreational drug use, we seek to provide teenagers with the proper tools and information to make the best decisions for themselves and their health.

Since then, we have become a community of students, educators, and a variety of other individuals focused on not only informing the youth of the dangers drug use can present, but also providing the support needed for individuals struggling with it.

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Our Process


Isolate the problem

We first identify the underlying traits in a community’s high schools leading to drug abuse. As a group of students engrossed in the school culture, CAPA can identify these problems much easier.


Plan of Action

We then compile resources to aid these communities, from local therapists to full-length curriculums. We work alongside elementary schools to design a thoughtful plan addressing each community’s specific needs.


Execute our vision

Throughout the school year, we work with elementary schools to gradually execute all parts of our plan. We aim to support elementary schools as they begin the process of dissuading substance abuse.

Start a chapter

Starting a chapter allows you to contribute to CAPA’s mission of preventing substance abuse by targeting elementary schools. We are looking for driven, passionate students to head chapters in individual communities. Start a chapter today to be part of CAPA’s initial stages and growth!

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